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Case Study: Lenovo Heroes Experience, Rome

Travel incentive programs are incredibly motivating for many employees, but how do you level the playing field to make participation possible for the whole team? Traditionally, many incentive programs are targeted at sales representatives either internally or within the channel, where a certain quota must be met in order to qualify. Merit-based employee recognition and incentive programs are on the rise as a way to provide meaningful recognition to these audiences, increasing quality of work, loyalty and job satisfaction while serving as motivation for future participants.

Case Study: DCG President’s Club, Monaco

The truth: your annual sales incentive travel program doesn’t need to be rinse and repeat. Lenovo’s DCG President’s Club, held in Monte-Carlo, Monaco, showed how meaningful recognition, engaging team building, and unique experiences came together to make one unforgettable program for participants.

Case Study: Global Grand Getaway 2018

Implementing a channel incentive program for your partners is a prime opportunity to show the people with which you do business that you value the professional relationship. Global’s Grand Getaway 2018 program is an excellent example of how a stellar incentive program can build lasting and lucrative business relationships year after year.

Case Study: Moto HelloRewards Program

At ESG Incentives, our high-tech approach to loyalty reward programs separates us from competitors. As an established brand, Motorola needed to keep incentives fun, relaxed and imaginative. The aim was to cultivate a training and sales message that benefited from the instant gratification of virtual gift card rewards.

Case Study: DCG President’s Club Maui

ESG Incentives helps companies provide all four primary drivers of motivation to their sales representatives, ensuring that they can capture an exponentially greater return on their incentive program investment. To that end, ESG Incentives created a custom global sales incentive travel program for…

Case Study: Global Grand Getaway

When your company arms your dealers with knowledge of your product and establishes their brand loyalty with an effective incentive program, it creates a strong, mutually beneficial partnership. These dealers become the perfect push for…

Case Study: Champions League

Designing a successful channel incentive program that instills the spirit of innovation and leadership that drives your company can be challenging. You want to align your channel partners with your brand, increase their engagement with your brand, and instill loyalty…

Case Study: Heroes Shanghai

The Lenovo Heroes Shanghai project is an excellent example of a well-thought-out incentive program that ties relevant employee effort to company achievements. For employees, the program achieves two goals…

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