Dealer Incentives

Case Study: Global Grand Getaway

Many people dream of traveling to an exotic location, but few can afford the time and money necessary to fulfill that dream. Imagine if you could make this dream come true for your top-performing dealers, while reaping long-term benefits for them and for your business.

Many manufacturers rely on their dealers to give their product priority. A manufacturing company’s success depends on highly motivated, driven, loyal and well-versed dealers. After all, the dealers are the first impression the public has of your company. You want that first impression to be as positive as possible to grow sales and ensure your continued success.

When your company arms your dealers with knowledge of your product and establishes their brand loyalty with an effective incentive program, it creates a strong, mutually beneficial partnership. These distributors become the perfect push for customers who are on the fence regarding which product they should choose to purchase.

In order to develop partners like this, you need an incentive program that educates them and makes them want to give your product top billing. You want a program that is so well-executed and enjoyable that participants returning home are eager to engender additional product support from their colleagues, causing them to want to participate in the next event, starting a virtuous cycle.

But how do you even begin to create an incentive trip to an exotic location? Your specialty is manufacturing, not hotel accommodations, flights and special event planning. That is where ESG Incentives comes in.

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