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At ESG Incentives, our high-tech approach to loyalty reward programs separates us from competitors. Our channel sales incentive programs aim to grab an employee’s attention, motivate them to learn and increase brand loyalty. The days of rewarding retail sales representatives with generic swag are over, and good riddance!

loyalty reward programs

Background & Objectives

Our client’s main goal was to encourage retail sales associates across multiple phone carriers, from Verizon to T-Mobile, to complete training on Motorola products; building brand loyalty in the process. Motorola needed a way to launch their HelloRewards program successfully and measure its impact with accurate metrics. We provided them with a versatile online rewards platform to do it all in one place.

Motorola needed to keep incentives fun, relaxed and imaginative, all while aligning with their established brand identity and each of the carrier identities. The aim was to cultivate a sales message that benefited from instant gratification in the form of virtual gift cards. Awarded upon the completion of training, these gift cards would ideally motivate sales reps in carrier stores to promote new products.

The Challenges

As competition within the smartphone industry continues to increase as more products are introduced into the market each day, building brand loyalty is more important than ever… and more challenging than ever. Today, consumers have dozens of devices from which to choose; likewise, retail sales reps have dozens of product choices to recommend.

The main challenge lay in motivating sales reps to gain knowledge about Motorola products; after all, people are more likely to hold a positive association to things with which they are familiar. Crafting a customizable program with instant reward gratification was the first step in overcoming this challenge.

On top of that, the program needed to work in tandem with multiple mobile carriers in competition with one another, across a large geographical area. We designed an incentive program that was versatile enough to view on any mobile device but robust enough to support Motorola’s nationwide promotional campaigns.

  • loyalty reward programs

The Solutions

Virtual gift cards were the perfect, simple solution to a complex incentive program. In its latest survey, Blackhawk Network discovered that 69 percent of employees prefer gift cards as rewards. We wanted to leverage this trend to support Motorola’s loyalty campaign. Our customized platform allowed employees to redeem rewards as quickly as possible, using gift cards either online or in-store to build familiarity with the unique features of Motorola devices.

ESGI’s loyalty reward program allowed Motorola to configure a digital platform based on their own unique requirements. Motorola’s customized program was designed to allow them to track, measure and generate reports on which sales reps completed training and which didn’t. Additionally, messaging stayed clear and consistent across all platforms and carriers.

  • loyalty reward programs

The Outcome

The results of our collaboration with Motorola speak for themselves. We were able to increase sales rep engagement and carrier participation by more than 60 percent. The ability to analyze which carriers and sales reps were most successful has allowed Motorola to refocus marketing resources where they need them most.

Smartphone sales reps enjoyed the instant gratification of earning and redeeming gift cards online after completing training. By taking the time to learn more about Motorola devices, sales teams were able to convey this information to customers with a genuine value proposition, not an unoriginal sales pitch.

As Motorola continues to build a stronger brand, incentive programs will be essential to its success. By partnering with ESG Incentives, Motorola discovered what makes us so unique in the incentives industry: our creativity and our versatility.

  • loyalty reward programs
  • loyalty reward programs
  • loyalty reward programs
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