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Case Study: Global Grand Getaway 2018

Worldwide companies wishing to distinguish themselves must have unique traits that set them apart; an effective travel incentive program is a great place to start. Motivating employees via an incentive program is an essential part of a company’s success, but so is incentivizing dealers and partners. In the highly competitive business-to-business (B2B) environment, it is necessary to stand out from competitors. Channel incentive programs for partners are a prime opportunity to show the people with which you do business that you value the professional relationship. Global’s Grand Getaway 2018 program is an excellent example of how a stellar incentive program can build lasting and lucrative business relationships year after year.


Case Study: Moto HelloRewards Program

At ESG Incentives, our high-tech approach to loyalty reward programs separates us from competitors. Our channel sales incentive programs aim to grab an employee’s attention, motivate them to learn and increase brand loyalty. The days of rewarding retail sales representatives with generic swag are over, and good riddance!

Case Study: Champions League

Who wouldn’t want to offer an extravagant performance incentive to your channel marketing partners? Just think what a reward that would be for your top-performing distributors!

Unfortunately, your company probably cannot afford to reward all your partner’s champion sales representatives quite so lavishly, but you could afford to give them a memorable experience that will keep the sales coming!

Designing such a program can be challenging. You want to align your channel partners with your brand, increase their engagement with your brand, and instill loyalty among both channel partners and end users.

The Lenovo Champions League met all of these goals while remaining an enticing but affordable program.

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