A Smart Rewards Platform Built for Tech

Whether you’re in the technology industry or not, once you decide to create an incentive program you’re going to want to enroll your team members as seamlessly as possible and be off to the races. So a smart rewards platform is fundamental to instituting your incentive plan around the globe.

Here’s what to look for: Ask your incentive agency if they have a smart technology platform that streamlines the enrollment process and gives your team members 24/7 access to their progress right from their smartphone, tablet or desktop. You’ll want to look out for a platform that can track points in real time, and allow participants to respond to one-time incentive offers, receive motivational push reminders and instantly redeem points in the online marketplace.

Relevant Rewards Customized by Market

While a Home Depot gift card sounds great to someone in the States, it would be pretty strange to offer that as a reward to someone in India. Our smart rewards program is customized so that the rewards marketplace is full of culturally relevant rewards specific to the region of the world that your participant lives in. In other words, your various markets will have access to the types of rewards that are most relevant to them—from merchandise offers to gift cards and travel rewards.
With our smart rewards platform, you can entice your employees and partners by sending them one-time offers through the platform and reward people’s positive behaviors, such as completing training courses and reaching sales goals. Then, encourage them to visit the marketplace directly from their smartphone to redeem points.

Hey, when we’re in the company of technology, we fit right in.
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