Incentive Program Branding and Why Your Company Needs It

Incentive programs have become a necessary part of company success. Not only do they increase revenue streams and move targeted products, but programs can build loyalty and guarantee return customers. Yet, consistent branding for programs is something often forgotten.

Incentive program branding is as essential as business branding, providing consistency and focus on the program while building connections and increasing loyalty.


Incentive program branding provides consistency

Brand identity is designed to reinforce the value, message and perception of a business. Branding provides a level of consistent messaging about a company, giving a customer an expectation about the product and service they will receive.

Consistency in brand communication is necessary to ensure customers associate the value message with a business. In the same wave, incentive program branding is an essential part of continued message consistency. Costumers will associate the program with the business via branding, and the company message is reinforced when a consumer receives their reward.

If branding is consistent across all business lines of communication, including incentive programs, a costumer will associate the reward positively with the company.

incentive program branding

Focus on program objectives

Attaching your brand to an incentive program will ensure that the program’s objective and benefits are clear. Brands are intricately tied to how customers view businesses in general. If your incentive program goals are unclear, reflect no benefit to the customer, or are disorganized, costumers will unconsciously attach that experience to the overall company brand.

The success of an incentive program is guaranteed if the branding message is clear and concise, with value and customer benefit explained along with incentive program goals. Attaching a strong company brand to an incentive program will drive focus throughout the program, if only to ensure that the program does not risk the larger brand.


Build connections

Incentive program branding can create a link between your company and your customers. Customers feel connected and committed to achieving success within a program that is branded, well thought out and has a powerful message.

Core values that resonate with customers will drive their overall connection to the brand and incentive program. The more connected customers feel to a program, the more engaged they become in participation and achievement.

Customer engagement means your company achieves more of the program’s designed objectives and goals like moving more product, increasing profitability and improving retention. Customers are people, and people connect to things they recognize and understand.

Increases loyalty

Brand loyalty is a real thing and still exists today. In fact, 82 percent of adults in the U.S. are loyal to at least one certain brand’s product. Despite the belief that customers will move to the lowest price or best benefit, brand loyalty remains a strong deciding factor for consumer choice. Incentive program branding that is recognizable and relatable will entice costumers to participate.

Plus, customers  who are loyal to an incentive program are more likely to share that program with their friends and family. Their continued participation is guaranteed, and participation can increase due to word of mouth marketing by loyal customers.

While branding is essential to business, incentive program branding can be dismissed as unimportant. However, applying your business brand and core values to your incentive program will provide consistency and focus on the objective while connecting and increasing customer loyalty.

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