4 Traits to Look For in Your New Incentive Program Partner

You’ve decided to create an incentive program – excellent choice! Now that you’ve made this smart decision, you’ll need to find a partner who is a good fit. One who can successfully execute your program for you. When seeking a company to partner with, here’s what you should know.


You want a program that mirrors your brand and is designed to appeal to your audience, be it your employees, sales team, channel partners or customers. Your incentive program partner should have the ability to understand your brand and its mission, along with other important qualities:

  • Provide a personal touch.
  • Understand that incentive programs need to be uniquely tailored to each client.
  • Deliver what’s promised in a timely fashion.

At ESG Incentives, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all incentive program. You tell us your incentive goals, we’ll take care of the rest. From the first brainstorm meeting to the final analytics, we’re seasoned veterans. We meticulously follow a strategy to ensure that your program is created the way you want it. Our offerings are numerous, and we’ll work with you to identify the right program to fit your needs. You’ll love our single point-of-contact and flat business model; no more fighting your way up the chain of command to get your question answered, your project manager is your new right hand man (or woman!).

incentive program partner


Creating your incentive program is an important part of the equation. No one will want to participate in a played-out, lackluster incentive program. You want it to be personal, interesting and fun! As a part of the creation process, you want a partner who can:

  • Provide unique experiences that your audience will love.
  • Design program branding that aligns with your organization.
  • Offer complete customization of your program.
  • Use innovative program theme development processes.
  • Plan rule structure and terms and conditions.
  • Create a solid program launch strategy.

Creativity is our specialty! ESGI’s incentive programs are designed to inspire your employees, partners, customers or other stakeholders. We transform incentive ideas into memorable, valuable experiences. We offer multiple program formats, including loyalty rewards, incentive travel and specially planned corporate meetings. The possibilities are endless! Whatever type of incentive program you’re looking for, we will conceptualize innovative ideas, develop them and bring your incentive program to fruition.


Creating an incentive program is not a one-and-done deal; it’s a continued partnership. Your incentive program will require ongoing management. The company that you choose to partner with should be willing and able to stay with you for the long run. Once your program gets off the ground and running, your incentive program partner should be adaptable and possess the ability to make changes when necessary. They should also:

  • Serve as a key point for program registration and participant management.
  • Perform ongoing supplier management.
  • Offer participant customer service and support.
  • Engage in active promotion of the incentive program.
  • Provide technology support.

We’re with you every step of the way. We work hard to ensure your program is running smoothly and confirm that your participants are having a terrific experience along the way. We use up-to-date technology that is as customizable as the incentives we offer. Whether your participants use a PC or mobile device, they’ll be able to work toward their rewards from anywhere at any time.

incentive program partner


Establishing an incentive program is only a part of the strategy. Once it’s in place, you need to know its effectiveness and results. If your incentive program doesn’t meet its benchmarks, all efforts will be for naught. The incentive program partner you choose should have the ability to measure the success of your program. They should provide:

  • Visibility into the program, including free reporting.
  • Budget management and reconciliation.
  • Post-program survey with shareable results.
  • Cost savings summary.

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, you want a partner who is transparent and guarantees profitable and rewarding results. One who will strategically analyze and show you success.

What ESG Incentives can do for you

ESG Incentives has numerous options available that can be customized for your brand. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered. You want to establish a loyalty rewards program for your best customers? Check. Your ideas include planning a trip to Europe for the top performing members of your sales team? Check. Your annual board meeting is coming up and you want to hold your meeting in a luxury setting? Check.

We employ a strategic approach from start to finish. You’ll never have to worry about any missed details because we always go above and beyond to ensure that your expectations are met. We stand for quality and perfection. Our objective is to inspire people to reach their full potential. We believe that if you give people a special goal to work toward, they’ll exceed anyone’s expectations – including their own!

Make your incentive program something that sets you apart from the competition.

Contact us today!

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